1.Afforestation Program for C02 sequestration in the frontline desertification state of Northern Nigeria
(Borno, Yobe, Jigawa,Kaon Katsina, Zamfara,Sokoto and Kebbi state) (APCS1A) in 2006.

2.Used Engine oil collection and recycling strategy in Abuja in 2006.

3.Sustainable management of Gashaaka Gumti national park and immediate environment in (1994)

4.Blue print for mass cultivation of jathropa curcass and subsequent establishment of a biodesel refinary in Taraba State.

5.Rain forest and coastal belt preservation and rehabilitation programme
6.Farmland tree boundary programme for carbon finance
7.Safeguarding the atlantic ocean from hinterland pollutants; the river niger action program in 2006.